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Tuesday, 23 January 2018
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System Management

Vision Director is mission control for your IBM i server. Part flight tracker, part autopilot, part caretaker and part mission specialist, Vision Director is a highly integrated set of applications that proactively monitors, manages and optimizes IBM i servers, databases and application environments.


-Reduce storage usage by as much as 40% immediately and more over time. 

-Accelerate application performance for a more agile, responsive business environment.

-Improve system administrator productivity by automating maintenance tasks.

Leverage autonomic fundamentals to reduce human intervention

Vision Director provides a wealth of System Management and Optimization functionality while leveraging autonomic computing fundamentals to reduce the need for human intervention and improve overall server efficiencies. Reclaim and proactively manage your DASD, improve application performance, reduce your planned downtime, and improve HA and DR.

Enhance and Optimize your IBM i Environment

Use Vision Director to quickly and easily achieve large reductions in storage usage and improvements in system performance, while gaining unparalleled visibility into IBM i resources and processes. Whats more you can work with and easily move between both ASPs and iASPs - not to mention IBM i disks and IFS files - all from a single screen.



-Perform most upgrade and migration work during the normal workweek

-Achieve huge savings by reducing downtime from days to minutes

-Reduce costs by consolidating servers using many-to-one replication/synchronization

Migrate While ActiveT eliminates the pain normally associated with upgrades and migrations to IBMR PowerT Systems servers running IBM i (formerly i5/OSR, OS/400R) or AIX operating environments, by allowing your company to continue its operations normally - with virtually no downtime - while you perform this essential work. Compare that to the hours or even days of downtime that you've probably accepted in the past.

Migrate While Active uses Vision's advanced high availability technologies to rapidly copy business-critical data to your new Power Systems server and keep it synchronized with your production system in real-time. To ensure that you'll have a ready-to-run server, Migrate While Active mirrors all of the data and objects needed for a successful upgrade or migration.

Because you don't have to worry about downtime, you can take as long as you need - during normal business hours - to thoroughly test the new system. After validating your new Power Systems server environment, move users and processes to it in just minutes.



-Save money by dramatically reducing storage requirements and improving application performance

-Efficiently detect and quickly act on any reorganization issues

-Efficiently reorganize files containing almost any kind of attributes

Reorganize While Active allows you to reorganize files without interrupting business operations. Compare that to the dilemma that IT departments used to face. Logically deleted records increase disk usage and slow applications, but because reorganizations were so disruptive, administrators often tolerated performance degradation and kept adding more and more storage rather than incurring a weekend shutdown to perform a reorganization. No more.

Reorganize While Active can employ either a mirrored file or in-place reorganization method as best suits your needs. Both methods perform complete, efficient reorganizations that require only a few seconds of exclusive file allocation, and only at a time you specify. And because Reorganize While Active accomplishes its work with little impact on production systems, you can use it to reduce storage usage and increase application performance without sacrificing your weekends to do so.


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