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Tuesday, 23 January 2018
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System IBM i Tapeless Backup

Backup your iSeries to Disk using a simple TCP/IP connection


LaserVault Backup (LVB) is a tapeless disk-to-disk (D2D) backup system for iSeries.

It stores each backup as a file on a local or network attached disk array that can be copied for offsite backup, or restored to the iSeries quickly. LaserVault Backup consists of a software library installed on the iSeries that implements SAVLIBLV, SAVOBJLV, SAV, SAVDLOLV, SAVCFGLV. These commands look very similar to current IBM commands. A virtual tape library (VTL) is not required.

LaserVault Backup does not use save files on the iSeries. All you need is an iSeries, a Windows-based backup server, and LaserVault software.

The server also creates a backup catalog that contains an entry for each save and a list file that contains a list of the objects in each save. The result is very similar to a virtual tape library, without the expense of special hardware or the overhead of special software on the iSeries host.

The iSeries operator can view the catalog with the WRKVOLLV command, then view the save file object list and restore entire libraries or individual objects. The result is an archive of backups so that the user can have multiple versions of each library as near-line storage. This eliminates tape handling and mishandling.

LaserVault Backup saves libraries and objects directly to the PC server through a simple TCP/IP connection. Operators can view multiple generations of backup through a regular workstation screen as well as select and restore libraries and objects - without handling tape!

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