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Tuesday, 23 January 2018
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IBM i Reports Management

The #1 voted i5 Automated Report Distribution & Document Management tool

Catapult is a PC and iSeries Client/Server application used to automatically distribute iSeries spool files or PC files to one or more users. Reports can be formatted as PDF, RTF, HTML, TXT or even as an XLS spread sheet and may be emailed, printed, faxed or archived to any network drive. It can also auto-file and auto-index reports and documents to the Web into organized folders in the FREE* Nexus ECM (Enterprise Content Management). When you export documents to the Nexus ECM you have the ability to automatically create unlimited search indexes based on content in the document such as PO number.

Catapult includes everything needed in a complete report management solution for administrating, parsing, formatting, distributing and archiving spooled files, documents and reports. It also supports adding graphical form overlays for professional looking reports. Catapult interfaces with EZ-Pickin's, BCD's Report Mining tool, to automatically extract data into Excel, Access, MS-Word and more.


Catapult Highlights

Automated Spool File Distribution Management

Network Polling for PC file distribution

Forms/Graphics Overlays to transform plain text reports

Meet SOX requirements with complete distribution audit trails

Split reports



E-Mail, Fax and Print reports

Create PDF, RTF, TXT, HTML, etc

Web or Network Archiving

Integrates with the FREE Nexus Web portal for complete Enterprise Content Management (ECM) & Archiving

          How Catapult Works

No programming is required to use Catapult and no changes to your programs or printer files are required. Using a Windows-based application, you indicate which spool files you want to distribute and how and where they are sent.

When you distribute your documents, you can send them either to individuals or distribution groups defined within Catapult. At scheduled intervals Catapult looks at all the selected output queues on the iSeries to see if any new entries have arrived on the queue for distribution. Catapult also supports multiple iSeries hosts.


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