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Tuesday, 23 January 2018
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Web Applications Scanning

In order to protect your IT infrastructure against unauthorized or criminal use, you have probably taken some actions. You have implemented a firewall, segmented the network, configured an Intrusion Detection system, installed Antivirus software, etc. Obviously, you make sure that all software is updated to the latest versions so that you are protected optimally. However, your web applications / websites can be accessed from the Internet or (even more important) from “inside” your organization. Regardless a secure connection, a hacked web application will give access to the under-lying databases(s).

The security of web applications is very important against attacks and to protect your company information.

In order to protect the company information, your web applications need to be secure. This is done by creating secure code. Via our security cycle your web application can be scanned on possible insecure code. QSYS offers a Web Application Security Audit service that will scan the security of your web application.


The audit comprises of 3 stages: Scan, Evaluate and Analyze. We do this with the most advanced web application vulnerability scanning software on the market. We deliver a comprehensive audit report of all the vulnerabilities found. Together with your development team we can evaluate the outcome and analyze which threats need to be addressed.

Step 4 - Realize. In order to solve the vulnerabilities, changes will be necessary in the source code to make your web applications resistant to external attacks. You can contact us for furhter information and how we can help you during this process.

One-time audit or a subscription?

Hacking methodologies used by attackers change frequently. In addition to that, Companies add new pages to their websites or make changes to the existing pages. We have subscriptions available which make sure that your web applications are audited on a regular base.


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