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Tuesday, 23 January 2018
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Security Training

Qsys delivers training to raise the general knowledge about security. By doing so, attendees will better understand the risks that are involved in working with IT systems and valuable company data.


It is important that every employee (regardless their responsibility within the company) of an organization is aware of the fact that working with IT- and information systems include risks. They work with valuable data that needs to be protected. Everybody in an organization plays an important role in the process of protecting the companies’ (intellectual) properties and data.


The main goal of a Security Awareness training is to make the employees aware of the risks that are involved and to learn them what they can do to reduce those risks. 

The subjects of this training:

- What is information security?
- Who play a role? Who are responsible?
- What is the value of information? How can it be protected?
- nternet use at your desk
- Security at work and at home
- Security policies at work
- Desktop / Laptop security
- Unhappy employees
- Security aspects of working with fax and printers
- Document handling
- Home computers
- How to handle incidents?
- Laws and compliancy
- Virusses, Trojan Horses, Worms, Bots, etc.
- Using and maintaining passwords
- PDA’s, Laptop security (physical)
- Shoulder surfing
- Social Engineering Visitors
- Desktop Security

Training take place at the customer’s premises and usually take half a day.

In order not to interrupt customer's daily activities, we recommend training sessions for 3 to 10 persons (for small-to-mid companies).


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