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Tuesday, 23 January 2018
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SMS Gateway

 iCare - SMS Gateway

Communicate using one of the most modern and effective means of communication. Conduct successful advertising SMS campaigns within minutes using our  communications tools.  Improve the relationships with your customers in a cost effective way.



iCare-SMS Gateway Options.

The Gateway Server created as a global SMS gateway server to support heterogeneous client systems and different gateway options. The Gateway server  uses  Mobile Phones, GSM Modems and Bulk SMS APIs for sending company's SMS.


iCare-SMS Gateway Server Listeners

The SMS Gateway server is able to 'listen' for client demands over the two most popular protocols, HTPP and SMTP  but it also utilizes a connector to connect with iSeries systems and poll them for outgoing SMS to be send.

- With the embedded SMTP Listener, the SMS Gateway server can receive outgoing SMS in the format of  MIME email with a predefined structure.  So, it can be connected to most systems and applications such as CRMs, ERPs, etc.
- With the embedded HTTP Listener, the SMS Gateway server can receive requests over standard HTTP protocol for outgoing SMS.
- The iSeries connector allows the SMS Gateway server to poll iSeries systems for outgoing SMS using predefined file structures.

Additional proprietary listeners can also be deployed (such as Web services, SOCKETS, etc) if a special need has to be supported.



iCare-SMS IBM i Module (aka i5,iSeries,AS/400)

QSYS as a developer of IBM i applications, created a module to handle your SMS activities using your existing IBM i server. The module contains options to

- Maintain Authorized Users, Gateways, User Groups, Departments and Predefined SMS messages,
- Insert Contacts Lists from your existing Physical Files,
- Send Single or Bulk SMS immediately or scheduled using System i Scheduler.

A web version of the application is also available using LANSA's aXes web server.


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